How to Fly On a Private Jet at the Price of a Commercial Flight

Even amongst billionaires, a private jet does make a statement. Since there’s no higher means of transportation, private charters remain the definitive upgrade. That is why those who own them often don’t have as many as they do cars or homes. Very few among us could actually afford to buy one.


But your inability to buy the jet does not by extension exclude you from flying on one. The changes that have taken place in the aviation sector in the last decade or so have made it possible for someone who is not particularly wealthy to fly on a private jet at a price close to or the same as that of business-class flights. Here’s how:


Empty leg flights


You can use empty leg flights which involves buying one or more seats on return or deadhead positioning flights. When a chartered jet delivers a VIP to his or her destination, the plane flies back to base or to another pickup location empty. Today, most charter companies now offer these flights for far less than they would charge the VIPs.


Given that sometimes the empty jet flights can add up to 40% of all the flights of a private jet, it is not very hard to get an empty leg flight. In the recent past, a number of websites have come up to specifically help travelers find empty leg flights. This has essentially demystified the whole idea and has seen the popularity of these flights grow at an impressive rate.


With all their advantages, empty leg flights are not all that flexible. You cannot decide the time the plane will pick you up and the route the jet will take. This is the price you pay for yearning for the ‘top of the world’ feeling that private charter flights bring your way.


For most of us, this is no price to pay at all if means accessing amenities like comfortable seats and private terminals. But keep in mind that sometimes chartering a private jet using empty leg flights could take you places you never planned. While traveling private is a great deal, you should be careful that the empty leg flights do not take you too far from the destination you intended.


Social flights


Another way of flying on a private jet at a fraction of the normal cost is by using social flights. Bring together a number of your friends from Facebook and other social networks and organize them. Convince them to book a charter flight with you. The cost will be distributed amongst yourselves making it possible for all of you in the group to experience private charter flights at quite a low price.